I. About UBC


Located in Los Angeles California, the United Business Corporation was established in 1995 as the product management and sales office of China National Textiles Import and Export Corporation (ChinaTex).

 As China has embraced a new age of reform and global open trade policies, the trade volume between the United States and China has grown exponentially. UBC, noting this growing demand, opened the Los Angeles office as a “window” to the manufacturing opportunities in China. It is UBC’s goal to become closely involved with their U.S. customers, provide excellent customer service, and facilitate the ease of business with China.

 ChinaTex, established in 1951, has built an extensive infrastructure in manufacturing and today is one of the leading producers of textiles and finished apparel in China. As branch office of ChinaTex, UBC is able to provide many great advantages to their U.S. direct customers. A few of these advantages are as follows:



         Headquarter in Beijing  

            Vertical Manufacturing – Starting from cotton bales, Chinatex manages the product through yarn spinning, knitting, cutting, sewing, and finally to finished products.

             Flexible Scheduling – Strong support systems in all manufacturing locations, JiangSu, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Beijing, allow production to efficiently be allocated to the best factories in order to meet “on-time” deliveries. Customer’s needs fluctuate; therefore UBC considers many options for production in order to find the most effective way to deliver the best service possible.

             Stable Quota Prices – As one of the central government owned companies, UBC has very strong control of quota and is not significantly affected by the fluctuation of quota prices in the open market.

 As part of the extended operation of ChinaTex, UBC abides by the same management philosophies that brought ChinaTex to manufacturing prominence over the past 50 years. UBC maintains a very high level of commercial integrity, following all international trade laws, manufacturing standards, and human rights regulations.


 To continuously provide the highest achievable quality of finished knitwear products at competitive prices, and to exceed the customer service expectations of its U.S. customers.


 To become the leading import company of knitwear products in the United States


 Attention, Creativity, Persistence, and Practicality in continual effort to better serve our valued customers.


 Manage the product development, manufacturing, and import of cotton, wool, and synthetic knitwear for the U.S. men’s, women’s, and kid’s markets


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