About Us

United Business Corporation

In 1995, United Business Corporation (UBC) was established in Los Angeles, California as the U.S. branch office for a network of apparel manufacturers in China.  As a U.S. local company, we are serving as a sourcing agent as well as a buying office for many U.S. clothing companies by offering direct communication, merchandising, import traffic logistics, financing, etc.

With our four regional offices in China, professional merchandising and QC teams, privately held sample rooms and a strong network of factories, UBC provides its clients with a complete service of product development and production in every apparel category.  Through years of operation, UBC has served over 50 major international brands and has a strong reputation for its competitive pricing, quality production and on-time delivery.

As U.S. companies are having tremendous success with us, our client base continues to grow.  We are experienced and committed to delivering the best quality apparel on time with competitive pricing.

Our relationships with our clients are of the utmost importance to us.  What happens when the market changes?  We adapt.  We adjust.  We care about our clients’ needs — and that is how we maintain the highest standards of conduct and integrity in all of our vendor relations.

With UBC, there is a difference.